Our passion and Value Proposition involves  aligning US Businesses with Nearshore Software Development Service Providers to deliver the best  solution for
their short and long term Software 
Development  needs.


The Service Provider you  engage with has US Offices and adheres to the US framework of legal compliance.



Mobile apps on iOS & Android,
Web Apps, UX/UI, Sofware QA and Testing, .NET, Java, Software Analysis and Design, Full Stack developers, Agile and SCRUM certified engineers.


All of our Service Providers are located in the Baja region of Mexico. The Software development centers are located in Mexicali and Tijuana and they all have offices in the US.

Satellite pic of Baja California's Peninsula with a highlight on Mexicali and Tijuana to show their location


Photo of the San Diego Chargers football team

Bi-lingual & Bi-cultural

All of our service providers are fully staffed with fluent English-speaking team members that will facilitate communication.
Moreover, the Baja region is very culturally aligned with the States. They have family and friends here, visit often and even eat out our “Mexican Food” and cheer our NFL teams!

Legal Compliance

All of the Nearshore companies we work with have US Based Offices and they are in compliance with regulations and our legal and financial system laws.

Location is key

The proximity and the same time zone allow for real time collaboration via Google Hangouts, Skype, Slack, etc. Conference calls and personal progress visits on your schedule. No more late, missed or early morning correspondence prevalent with overseas Service Providers.

Skilled Personnel

There are over 5,000 skilled engineers in the Baja region and over 300 skilled Software companies.
You can have responsible and Agile Development teams that provide great service at a lower cost than US with higher quality than Overseas.


Hello, I am David Downes, a focused believer in putting my clients best interests first.  

My life time career in the IT industry has included Sales and Management positions with companies such as Oracle, Filenet, Applicast and PGI. My passion and expertise in Nearshoring was inspired working with ITBaja, a Cluster of Software Development Companies in the State of Baja California.

With ProNearshore, I continue to work with many of the Cluster Members and additional Service Providers in the Baja region. I live and work from the beautiful town of Encinitas CA.

When not evangelizing about the benefits of the cross border High Tech Ecosystem, you will find me at the local Dog Park or out on the Ocean enjoying  the beauty of San Diego.

My favorite  Quote is from the late Steve Jobs:

“Great things in business are never done by one person, They are done by a team of people”.



1. Project Needs Assessment

We work with you to understand your project needs. What are your Budget Requirements? Are you requiring staff augmentation or a longer term Team Development approach? Have you outsourced before? If so, tell us about your experience. We strive to understand your environment from a technological, cultural and skill set perspective.


2. Find a Match

After we finish the Engagement Process, we discuss your needs with the Service Providers we feel best to complete your project needs. Our goal is to find you the most capable Nearshore Service provider in a timely fashion.

3. Preparation

Protection goes first. We work with all parties to insure Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Legal documents are reviewed and agreed upon prior to introduction and before any sensitive information exchange takes place.

4. Introduction

We coordinate the introduction between you and the Service Provider either via conference calls or on site visits.  Upon mutual approval a business engagement will commence, SOW’s, Knowledge Transfer, Timing etc. takes place between both of you.

5. Follow-up

Our role after the business contracts are signed is to facilitate mutual correspondence and insure a successful transition and engagement takes place.


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